The advantages of advertising on Facebook 

Facebook advertising

Facebook is one of the most popular and most widely used social networks, with more than 1,2 billion of monthly active users. Because of this, it is no wonder that almost every company decides to advertise on Facebook, no matter if it is a multinational company or a small local business. The advantages of advertising of Facebook are numerous, and it this article we will deal with some of them.

The advantages of advertising of Facebook:

Possibility to reach many users

As already mentioned, more than 1,2 billion of users are monthly active on Facebook. This means that, by creating a Facebook ad, you can reach very large number of people and make them interested in the product or service you offer.

Reach users from all over the world

Another advantage of advertising on Facebook in comparison to other methods of advertising is that you can gain customers from all over the world.
If you want to spread your business to global market, then advertising it on this social network is definitely one of the crucial steps to take. It works both for attracting potential customers after you have just started the business, or for broadening the network of customers you already have.


Easy to make

Facebook itself is very simple to use and with every update it provides its users with more useful options. Ads you can create on this social network are also very easy to make and their creation does not require any special knowledge or skill. You need to know what you want to advertise and what kind of approach you want to have, and for everything else, Facebook will guide you step by step as you add the elements to your advertisement.

Possibility to determine target audience

This is one of the most powerful tools Facebook ads provide. When you decide to create an ad, you will be asked to determine target audience according to several criteria – age, gender, location, interests and behaviors. This ensures that your ad will be displayed to those types of people you have determined as your target audience, and that it will be relevant to most people who see it on their timeline.

It is cheap

Advertising over the Internet is generally cheaper than traditional TV, radio or billboard advertising, and Facebook offers you opportunity to choose a budget for your advertising campaign. It can go from as little as $5, and you can choose whether you want to pay per day of advertising or for the whole advertising campaign. There is a variety of options considering your ad’s appearance and duration of the campaign, so everyone can advertise in accordance with their possibilities, preferences and of course – the budget.

Possibility of guerrilla marketing

Not only that on Facebook you have the opportunity of advertising through their official ads, but as all other social networks, there is also an opportunity for implementing various strategies of guerrilla marketing. You can choose this approach as a support to Facebook ads, or you can even use it independently. Depending on your preferences and needs, you can organize various contests on your Facebook page, arrange giveaways, invite friends to share the page and much more. In this approach, your creativity is the only limit.

Types of home based businesses 

People who start their own business are not rare, and in the modern times it is also very common for the people to start business at their own home. There are plenty of jobs that can be done at home, and thanks to the Internet and the requirements of modern era, their number is on the rise and it is getting easier and easier to do them. For certain types of home based businesses it is necessary to register a small business, while for the others it is enough to register as a freelancer.

The first type of home based businesses is those where the business owner makes and registers an office at home. Many types of business can be done this way – accounting, bookkeeping, beauty-related jobs such as manicure, hairdresser, masseur, make-up artist etc. In a job like this, the business owner has a daily contact to the customers and a separate room where the business is done.

Another type of home based businesses is when a business owner does some manual work at home and later sells their products. This is common for creative jobs such as designing jewelry and clothes, photographing, painting, carving and much more. After the products have been made, they can be sold in several ways. First, the owner can sell them on crafts fairs or distribute them to the specialized shops that sell items like these.

Online selling

The owner can also sell the products online, which is very common and also quite simple in the modern era. There are plenty of online stores intended for selling crafts and various homemade items, such as, which is probably the most popular at the moment. In jobs like this, there is often a separate room in the house, a basement, a garage or the like, which serves as a place where the items are created and stored.


The last and also very popular type of home based businesses is freelance working online. This has become very widespread and popular all over the world, and it covers many areas – teaching, usually performed via Skype; copywriting, Google administration, social networks administration, website maintenance and much more. These are the jobs that can be mainly found online on websites intended for freelancers, but you can also start and register your own business and gain the customers online. Doing any business of this type is the most convenient when it comes to space, because you do not need to create an office at home or a separate room for working. All you need is a computer and the Internet connection, and you might as well work from your own bed. However, for the sake of gaining and keeping healthy working habits, it is recommended that you separate the sleeping and resting area from the working area, which is why it may be convenient to have at least a corner of one room organized only for working.

Depending on your needs, preferences, skills and the amount of money you are able to invest, you can start a successful home based business you will enjoy and experience many benefits that working from home brings.

Solo ads basics


Marketing is a very broad area, and with the appearance and the development of the Internet, it has become even broader. There are numerous ways of advertising online, and in this article we sill deal specifically with one of them – solo ads.

Solo ads increase sales

Solo ad is a ways of creating a list of new potential customers by renting an already established list from another website, and thus creating traffic on your website. It works in a way that you find a website that has large traffic and the same or similar topic that hits your target audience. This website should have a large list of subscribers, and you can “buy” that list – which means that your advertisement will be sent to the people from that list. Solo ads are used to help increase sales, to help create or broaden your own list of subscribers, or to do both, depending on the type of website you run.

Solo ad should contain the link to your landing page, and in order to make people want to click the link and further explore what you have to offer, you need to compose a good, catchy solo ad. In order to do so, there are certain steps you need to follow:

Be specific

When you create any kind of ad, you need to be specific about what you are selling or offering. It is the same with solo ads, so make sure to state it clearly and even to make it visually clear if the type of the offer allows it (adding photos, highlighting the keywords etc).


Know your target audience

Just like you need to be specific about what you offer, you also need to specify the group of people you want to offer your products or services. Creating a target audience will help you compose the ad and make it more successful, which will result in reaching the goal you had in mind when you first created and sent the solo ad.

Use a catchy subject line

In modern times, there are information everywhere, and it has become very difficult to catch and keep people’s attention. In order to make people read your ad and eventually visit your website, you need to draw their attention first. It can be done by creating a catchy subject line of the ad, which will first catch their attention and then make them interested to see what else there is, instead of sending the e-mail with your ad directly to Trash folder.


Be creative and personal

After you have drawn people’s attention by a subject line, it is important to write the text so they do not stop reading after two sentences. Feel free to be witty, creative and to speak directly and personally to a person reading the ad, because it makes people develop a sense of friendliness and trust.

Include links

Ther than catchy and creative content, a solo ad must contain the link or links you want people to click on. Make sure to include relevant links that will lead people to your website or the subscription page, and make sure to check if the links are working before the ad is sent.

Include call for action

When the people read your ad, you want to make them take a certain step – in your case, click on the link and visit the website. In a solo ad, you need to create a call for action and invite people to make a move.

Call for action